for the OEM

FPP Line Card

Featuring SUN Hydraulics
  • Screw-in Cartridges
  • (5) Basic Sizes to 400 GPM & 5000 PSI
  • Relief and Sequence Valves
  • Reducing and Reducing Relieving
  • Load Control and Check Valves
  • Flow Control Valves and Priority Flow Controls
  • Flow Dividers & Combiners
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Line Mount and Sandwich Bodies
  • Custom Design Valve Packs


Hydraulic Accumulators
Transfer Barriers


Mobile & Industrial Hydraulic filters
Flows from 1/4 GPM to 2,650 GPM


Hydraulic & Pneumatic
NFPA/JIC square head design 
Custom design capability 
Servo positioning cylinders


Steel “C” Face Mump-Motor
Adaptors & Couplings


Linear Displacement Transducers
Proximity Sensing & Controls


Hydraulic gear pumps and motors 
AC/DC pump motor combinations 
High performance W Series to 4000 PSI


Bar manifold parallel and series 
D03, D05, D05H and D08 sizes
Custom Manifolds & Servo Adaptors

Delta Motion

Multi Axis Closed Loop Servo Control Systems
Position, Velocity, Force, & Synchronous Control


Custom design hydraulic systems 
NFPA - pressure and directional controls 
High pressure 10,000 PSI checkball pumps


Hydraulic brakes and planetary gear boxes 
SAE mounts 225,000 in/lb rating 
Brakes - fail safe multiple disc-spring applied

Fluid Power Products, Inc.

FPP Line Card

Components, Systems and Engineering: 
Technical assistance always available to help with the selection of standard or custom engineered components, manifolds & systems. 

FPP (Flex Power Pack)

Modular Power Unit Systems 
(5) Frame Sizes:
Series 10 & 15 (1/4  to 5 HP) 
Series 20 (1/2 to 5 HP) 
Series 25 ( 71/2 to 20 HP) 
Series 30 ( 25 to 30 HP) 
Series 17G (Gas Powered


Direct operated relief valves
Cast iron - brass - steel and stainless steel 
Sizes from 1/4" NPT to 4" NPTF

Galland Henning Nopak

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders & Accessories


Hydraulic & Pneumatic
NFPA/JIC square head design 
Custom design capability 
Servo positioning cylinders


Flow Meters & accessories
Flo-Tech diagnostic devices


Suction, Pressure, & Return Filtration Solutions & Systems
Contamination Control Technology

Interface Devices

Air Over Oil Liquid Pumps 
Modular Air Operated Hydraulic Systems


Low speed high torque radial piston motors
Multiple speed options available

Lexair Inc.

Hydraulic and pneumatic control valves
"High-cyclic" design


Reservoirs & pump/motor couplings
NEMA-C face pump/motor mount

Micromatic (Micro-Precision)

"Rotac" and "Hydroac" rotary actuators
Torque capability to 725,000 in./lbs.

miniBOOSTER (Iverson)

Hydraulic intensifiers
Ratios to 20:1 - Pressures to 12,000 PSI

Nacol - Wilkes & McLean, Ltd.

Hydraulic accumulators 
Bladder type - sizes 5 in3 to 40 gallons
Hydraulic noise shock suppressors

Oilgear / Hydura Pump Company

Axial piston pressure compensated units
Sized from .49 in3 to 22.4  in3/REV 
Pumps and motors - fixed and variable
Pressures to 5000 PSI


Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders & Accessories
Intensifiers & Servo Cylinders

Parker Hannifin Corp.

Superline - low speed high torque hydraulic motors
Torklink(TM) and Nichols series.
HPI Valve Division - Proportional Controls
Piston Accumulators & Accessories

R & R Transmissions

Planetary gear reducers 
Wheel drives
M+S Spool & Disc Valve Motors


Open & Closed Loop Variable Displacement
Pumps & Motors, Modular Planetary Gear Boxes

Thermal Transfer Products, Inc.

Heat exchangers and accessories  
High efficiency shell & tube models
Air cooled oil units

Turrolla Pumps

Fixed Displacement Pressure Loaded Gear Pumps in Single &Multiple Configurations
Fan Drive Solutions

Vescor / LDI Industries

Reservoirs, accessories and NEMA-C face pump/motor mounts


Industrial Hydraulic Spool & Poppet Valves
Cartridges, and Proportional Controls

Woodward HRT

(HR Textron)
Direct drive servo valves


Welded & Custom cylinders
NFPA cylinders & accessories


Low cost suction and return filtration
Large selection spin-on filters
Pipe, flange and SAE mountings